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The Doughnut Fix

Tristan’s family was always living in New York City, but all that was about to change.

His dad announces that they are moving to a sequestered house on a hill on the outskirts of Petersville in upstate New York. His baby sister Zoe is frightened and confused. Jeanine is a math genius in gifted and talented classes and is appalled and worried about her educational future. Because they won’t be starting school for several months, their parents tell Jeanine and Tristan they must complete a project of their own. Jeanine selects a complicated scientific and mathematical study that allows her to remain not involved with people. Tristan, who loves to cook, like his chef mom, decides to start a business making and selling the supposedly mind-blowing chocolate-cream doughnuts once famous in Petersville but now no longer made. Tristan's adventure awaits as you are about to be apart of his exciting and adventurous story.

The story has some kind of a thrill and excitement to it from the beginning. The story is very funny and has dry humor in it. I really recommend this book for kids between the ages of 9-15 year old kids and hope you enjoy this book as much as I did

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